One has to be more than just a keyboard player or a songwriter nowadays. Any musician with a God complex (and I certainly have one) wants to become a producer.

Frankly, I wouldn’t know why you’d pick me to produce your albums : I’m expensive and undecisive, I looooove Abba and I’ll probably shag your girlfriend one day or another.

Anyway, some of my productions mysteriously charted, two of them even reached #1 status in Belgium and Stash's 'Sadness' spent a remarkable 33 weeks in the charts.  So maybe, maybe you’ll be interested in hearing some of the tracks I’ve done throughout the years.

Finally, my all-time favorite curly boy Jasper Steverlinck asked me to act as his deputy coach in Belgium's edition of The Voice, a TV-show that doesn't involve cooking or dancing thus avoiding 2 skills I haven't been really successful at so far.   Hard work and great fun.  We were so brilliant we won twice!!  

Selected Discography :

  • Thé Lau & Vrienden : Iedereen is van de wereld ('Kom Op Tegen Kanker' theme song - 2015)
  • Manoeuvres : My Love (Single - 2015)
  • Yevgueni : Van Hierboven (Album - 2014)
  • Slow Pilot : Dance the night away (Single - 2014)
  • Manoeuvres : Mad World (Single - 2014)
  • Sil : Time in Tokyo (Single - 2014)
  • Axel Hirsoux : Mother (Single - 2014) Belgian contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Paulien Mathues : Flying Thoughts (Album-2013)
  • Lois Lane : It's Because (Single-2013)
  • Lois Lane : As one (4 album tracks - 2013)
  • Tom Helsen : New Girl (Single -2013)
  • Paulien Mathues : There's some place I'd like to be (Single-2013)
  • Mattanja Joy Bradley : Keep on Rollin' (Single- 2013) - Lie in your love (Album track) 
  • Prinz Pi : Kompass ohne Norden (7 Album tracks-2013) - N#1 in Germany
  • The Love Compartment : Spare Parts (Single-2013)
  • No Angry Young Men : Paris Rains (3 albumtracks, 1 Single - 2013)
  • Gerhardt : A brand new heart (EP-2011)
  • Barbara Dex : Barbara Dex (Full-2011)
  • Andes : Hij kan niet dansen (Single-2011)
  • Turalura 2 : Rockers zingen Tura - featuring The Van Jets, Mintzkov, Triggerfinger, K's Choice ...(Full-2010) Co with Mario Goossens
  • Jim Cole : When love's not enough - (Full-2011)
  • Alex Roeka : Zachtaardig Vergooid (Full-2010) Co with Frans Hagenaars
  • Tom Helsen : ‘The truth about that girl and me’ (Album-2010)
  • Fossco : ‘Geest’ (Single-2009)
  • Dogwalker : ‘Summer has gone, ‘The Calling’ (Singles-2009-2010)
  • Dokter Vroman: ‘Spinnen in het bad ‘ (EP-2009)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘Five Oh’ (Full-2008)
  • Tom Helsen & Geike Arnaert: ‘Home’ (Single Music For Life-2008)
  • Savalas: ‘Exercise and Karma drills’ (Full-2008)
  • Lemon: ‘Endless Days’ (Full-2008)
  • Wim Soutaer: ‘Dichterbij’ (Partial Album-2008)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘Hilite Hotel’ (Full-2007)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘Altijd heb ik je lief’ (Clouseau tribute -2007)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘All about you’ (Single for AZG-2007)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘Final Countdown’ (StuBru single-2007)
  • Chroma: ‘Radea’ (Full-2007)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘December’ (Single-2006)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Expeditie naar mijn hart’ (Single-2006)
  • Fester Fester: ‘Niks mis met mij’ (Single-2006)
  • Wim Soutaer: ‘Ze kent me’ (Single-2006)
  • Wim Soutaer: ‘De zomer gaat nooit voorbij’ (Single-2006)
  • Janez Detd: ‘The end of the world’ (Album Track-2006)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Terug Normaal’ (Full-2005)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Als ik je morgen ergens tegenkom’ (Single-2005)
  • Afi: ‘Not That Beautiful’ (Single-2005)
  • Afi: ‘Today is the day’ (Single-2005)
  • Afi: ‘Automatic’ (Single-2005)
  • Savalas: ‘Savalas’ (Full-2005)
  • Stash: ‘Sadness’ (Single-2004)
  • Spark: ‘Love is a battlefield’ (Single-2004)
  • Yasmine: ‘Dans me’ (Single-2004)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Beauty of it all’ (Full-2002)
  • Amaryllis Temmerman: ‘God in alle eenvoud’ (Full-2002)
  • Tom Helsen: ‘Slowly’ (Single- 2001)
  • Elysian: ‘From here till now’ (Full-2001)
  • Babel: ‘Nacht bij nieuwe maan’ (Full- 2000)
  • Marjan Debaene : ‘Humanoid’ (Full-1999)


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