As from 2008, I’m lecturing ‘Soundlab’ on PHL Music (now PXL Music). A three-year professional, internationally orientated bachelor course in Hasselt, Belgium.

The course comprises a broad theoretical base as well as a wide range of productional skills such as practical MIDI, Programming, Subtractive Synthesis, arranging in DAW and a thorough study of Belgian beers.

I like sharing knowledge so for all you interested geeks, you can find my courses here.   Only in Dutch, sorry.

There's 5 chapters :

  • DAW
  • Midi
  • FX, Dynamics, EQ
  • Sound & Subtractive synthesis, including a short history of synthesizers
  • Electromechanical keyboards


Hillsuite 7 management
Margret van den Heuvel
+31 433 541 249

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