As a songwriter, I used to write songs for my own and highly underestimated band, Savalas, with whom I released 2 beautiful albums.  We're currently taking a well-deserved sabbatical.

Besides that I’m working hard writing songs for other people as well. Tracks of mine as well as co-writes have been featured on various successful Belgian and international albums. My eclectic style, a healthy blend of Barry Manilow, Duran Duran and Einstürzende Neubauten, allows me to write for both alternative and mainstream artists.

The most remarkable writing experience so far came after a couple of exciting sessions in Berlin with an artist called Prinz Pi.     The album 'Kompass ohne Norden'  featuring 7 Poltrock-songs topped #1 in the German charts so if anyone has a mint CS80 for sale : give me a call!

Selected discography including cowrites:

  • Prinz Pi : Kompass ohne Norden (7 album tracks - 2013)
  • Mattanja Joy Bradley : Keep on Rollin' (single - 2013) and Lie in your love (Album track - 2013)
  • Barbara Dex : 3 cowrites with Tom Helsen, An Pierlé & Gert Bettens on her 2011 Album 'Barbara Dex'
  • Clouseau : ‘Zonder mij’ (Album Track – 2009 - with Jasper Steverlinck)
  • Bedankt en Merci’ : original soundtrack (with Frank Vander Linden)
  • Savalas: ‘Exercise and Karma drills’ (Full-2008)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Als ik je morgen ergens tegenkom’ (Single - 2005 - with Rik Denys)
  • Afi: ‘Today is the day’ (Single-2005)
  • Savalas: ‘Savalas’ (Full-2005)
  • Amaryllis Temmerman: ‘God in alle eenvoud’ (Full-2002)
  • Els De Schepper: ‘Beauty of it all’ (Full-2002)
  • Monza : ‘Van God Los’(Full - 2001 - with Monza)
  • Babel: ‘Nacht bij nieuwe maan’ (Full - 2000 - with Rik Denys)


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