One of the two recent Jo Francken productions (Jonas Winterland being the second) I had the pleasure of working on, ‘Op De Groei’ – the latest album of Belgian phenomenon par excellence Bart Peeters, features a lot of vintage keyboards including Mellotrons, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond etc.  All recorded @ Poltrock Palladium of course.  It was an honour.

Dutch speaking Singer songwriter Jonas Winterland just released a beatiful new album called ‘Zwaartekracht en andere verzinsels’.   A melancholic tribute sculptured to the sound of the likes of Mark Everett. 

And the noise module of my modular system finally found its way to an album, for which I’m truly grateful.   150 € well spent!

What do The Beatles' 'Because', Aerosmith's 'Dream on' or Jellyfish's 'The Emperor's new clothes' have in common?  Behold the Baldwin Electric Harpsichord! Still struggling with broken jacks, mistery strings and weird schematics but to be intensely used on new material shortly!  



Please support the band SLOW PILOT in their quest for well-deserved fame and glory.   Their first single 'Dance the night away' is receiving raving reviews and excellent airplay as we speak.  This may just be because it's been recorded and produced by Poltrock, of course.   Hahahahahaa!!!  

Have a listen!!

Gearslut alert : I spent a fortune on my friend Marcel from EP-Service in Holland to have some of my oldies refurbished.

  • Wurlitzer 206 : New 'The Singer' Tube preamp with dedicated tremolo - send & return loop; action adjusted and nicely tuned
  • Hohner Clavinet D6 : New Vibanet Preamp with Autowah!
  • Rhodes Suitcase Mk1 : Amp overhauled

My Vox Continental and Farfisa Compact have been taken care of as well and are working perfectly!

Coming up shortly :

  • Minimoog refurbished
  • Clavioline repâired
  • Jupiter 4 & 8 refurbished


Out now : 'Van Hierboven' : The new and highly anticipated new Yevgueni album. The album was recorded over a really short period of time in Motormusic Studios and the Poltrock Palladium, produced by yours truly and mixed by the amazing Ward Neirynck. 

The first single - 'Mensen zijn maar mensen' -  is receiving massive airplay on Radio 1 and the album is collecting 5-star reviews all over.  

Please check for more details!


I'm really glad to have participated on Razen's new 'Remote Hologram' double LP, half of which has been recorded at the Poltrock Palladium.  The avant-deepdrone-ensemble - signed by Kraak - has been collecting raving reviews all over the world - including a five-star review in Wire!  

Check out some of their music here!

Nice Spring tour ahead!  Check out all dates &!

This picture was taken in the fall of 2000 in the House Of Blues in Chicago just before I decided to get incredibly pissed and nearly got beaten the shit out of me by Pete Bell, our former tour manager because I blamed him for losing my nice leather jacket.  Which he hadn't of course; the jacket wasn't even missing.  I puked all over it later on that night.  I puked all over Pete Bell as well...  Those were the days....

Check out other interesting stories in the beautiful documentary about Hooverphonic for the much celebrated Belpop series.  

Here's the teaser!

In order to test drive the newly automated Belgian Tax Fraud Detection System, I'll just post what I've been doing the last two months and I randomly add a decoy performance.  Really looking forward to see what happens next.

  • Recording and producing the new Yevgueni album
  • Festivals in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium with Hooverphonic
  • Marco Z keyboard sessions for his upcoming album
  • Douglas Firs Hammond sessions for his upcoming album
  • 10 Monty Python dates @ O2 Arena
  • Bart Peeters  Mellotron sessions for his upcoming album
  • Mudflow reunion gig
  • Went to the Eurovision Song Contest (yessir!)
  • Recording a new ‘De Mens’ album including weird fotosession
  • Recording a new DEX vs STASH single


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