Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Why does a guy with a moustache has his picture taken in front of a nice Harrisson desk?  Charity!  (How do you like my new look by the way?)

I was asked by Belgian National Television (VRT) to produce a song for the annual national campaign against cancer (KOM OP TEGEN KANKER).  I had some excellent material to work on since they offered me to tackle the song ‘Iedereen is van de Wereld’ by the legendary Dutch combo The Scene, whose singer Thé Lau is sadly suffering from a lethal pulmonary cancer as we speak.  We had  40-ish singers and bands teaming up at the VRT’s own Toots studio’s while the editing (quite a task actually) was done @ the Palladium.  Want some names?  

Thé Lau, Will Tura, Hooverphonic, Helmut Lotti, Milow, Triggerfinger, Yevgueni,  K’s Choice, School is cool, The Scabs, Tom Helsen, Steven De Bruyn, Slongs Dievanongs, Clouseau, Soulsister, Bart Peeters, Zornik, Christoff, The Romeo’s, Natalia, 2 Fabiola and many, many, many more.  Impressive line-up, eh?

Check out the result here or buy the stereo version of the track on iTunes!   And please feel free to make a donation while you’re at it. 


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