When it comes to describing my style as a keyboard player, there’s four people I'd like you to know : The Attractions' Steve Nieve, Ben Folds, Diamanda Galas and Rowlf, the incredible Muppet Show dog. Put them all in a blender with some cheesy seventies string sounds on top and you’ll get the kind of keyboard Smoothie that’s undoubtedly very ‘Poltrock’.


A band playing in different places every night with the main purpose of getting laid after the gig is often referred to as a ‘Band on tour’. Here’s a short survey of bands that had the pleasure of hiring me (some even of firing me) for one or more of these tours.

  • Monza (founding band member : 1999 – 2002) 
  • Hooverphonic (1999 – 2006 + 2011 - ) 
  • The Boondocks (band member 1994-1998)
  • Babel (band member (1998-1999)
  • Jan Leyers (2003 – 2006 + 2015)
  • Yasmine (2004 - 2008 )
  • Savalas (founding band member : 2005 - 2008)
  • Arid (2008 - 2012)
  • Vincent Venet (2008 - 2009 )
  • Tom Helsen (2006 - 2011)
  • En Wat Dan : One off tour with Triggerfinger, Roos Van Acker, Anton Walgrave and Klaas ‘Yevgeni’ Delrue (2009)
  • Vincent Liben (2011- 2013)
  • Mudflow (2014)
  • Zware Metalen : One off tour with Stijn Meuris, Tom Pintens, Dez Mona's Gregory Frateur, Marc Bonne & The Beast (2012)
  • Zware Metalen II : Second leg of the successful tour with The Van Jets' Johannes, Tom Pintens, Dez Mona's Gregory Frateur, Marc Bonne & The Even Bigger Beast (fall 2014)
  • De Mens (2012 - 2014)
  • De Mens (band member 2015 - )
  • Razen (2015-2016)


There’s more however to a musician’s job than life on stage. If an artist wants to record an album featuring keyboards influenced by Steve Nieve, Ben Folds, Diamanda Galas and Rowlf-the-Muppet, he usually comes knocking at Poltrock’s door. Here’s a random survey of some of the many albums I played on throughout the years.

Please check a complete list here

  • Hooverphonic : ‘Jackie Cane’, ‘More sweet music/No more sweet music’ ‘Sit down and listen’ , 'In Wonderland'
  • Salvatore Adamo : ''L'amour n'a jamais tort'
  • The Blackbox Revelation : ‘Set your head on fire’ 
  • Monza : ‘Van God Los’ 
  • Spencer The Rover : 'Sad Songs'
  • The Boondocks : 'Bloed & Rozen'
  • Babel : 'Nacht bij nieuwe maan'
  • Raymond Van Het Groenewoud : ‘Meneer Raymond’
  • Vincent Liben : 'Vincent Liben'
  • Jan Leyers : ‘In the Virgin dark’
  • The Boondocks : ‘Bloed en Rozen’
  • Hans De Booij : ‘Emocratie’
  • Les Anges : ‘A deep grave as a shelter’
  • De Mens : ‘Onder de duinen’
  • Yasmine : ‘Vandaag, het gisteren van morgen’, ‘Licht ontvlambaar’
  • Junior Jazz : ‘Here it comes’ 
  • Vincent Venet : 'Darling'
  • Janez Detd : ‘Killing me’ 
  • Triggerfinger : ‘Inner Peace’ 
  • Tom Helsen : ‘More than gold’ 
  • The Ditch : ‘In this world’ 
  • Frank Vander Linden : ‘Frank Vander Linden’
  • Rachel : 'Cause I'
  • Licia Chery : 'Blue your mind'
  • August Albert : 'You watch too many films my dear'
  • Douglas Firs : 'Shimmer & Glow''
  • Bart Peeters : 'Op de groei'
  • Jonas Winterland : 'Ik hou je warm'
  • Douglas Firs : 'The long answer is no
  • Marco Z : 'Love me like the world is ending'
  • Frank Vander Linden : ‘Alles wat ze doet’
  • De Mens 'Nooit Genoeg'
  • Jacle Bow : 'New EP 2015'
  • Vincent Liben : 'Animalé'
  • Tom Helsen : 'Unbreakable'

And many many more


I still consider myself really lucky to have experienced the take off of Monza (1999-2001), Stijn Meuris' new combo after the disbanding of the legendary Noordkaap and to have had my hand in the epic hitsingle 'Van God Los'.

I had my own band 'Savalas' from 2005 to 2008 with whom I wrote 2 excellent albums ('Savalas' and 'Excercise and Karma drills').  We had quite a decent following in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland but had to stop unexpectedly after the singer had been eaten by a shark.  

The closest thing to be a founding member of a band is joining an existing and successful band to become a band member.  Happened to Ron Wood back in 1974!  But I was happy as can be just recently as I had the honour of being asked to join one of Belgium's most succesful dutch speaking rock bands De Mens in early 2015.


Bands and artists that can’t afford me sometimes decide to hire me just once for the ultimate ‘Poltrock experience’ to be savoured on very, very special occasions :

De Laatste Showband, Arno, Flip Kowlier, Laïs, Piet Goddaer, Tom Barman (dEUS) Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon), Jane Birkin, Feist, Tom Robinson, Kris Debruyne, Marie Daulne (Zap Mama)

Or some incredibly wealthy dude decides to hire me as a band leader. That’s what happened when I was asked to lead Belgium’s own ‘Hilfiger Sessions’, - check out others vids in the video section - welcoming famous Belgian and international artists such as :

De La Vega, Brahim, Hadise, Jasper Steverlinck, Marie Daulne (Zap Mama), Zita Swoon, Headphone, Sweet Coffee, DJ 4T4, DJ Grazzhoppa, Stijn Meuris, Evi Hansen, Selah Sue, Lalalover etc etc


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