Instrumental / Soundtrack

While working on ‘A still nameless and extremely sexy ’70 movie project’ (Lalo Shifrin rules!!!) with Hülk singer Renaud Mayeur, I just discovered that writing instrumental music is a whole lot of fun! 

So I moved on instrumental
writing, working across a range of styles and was invited bij the
wonderful Frank Vander Linden to collaborate on the soundtrack for two beautiful
documentary films by Kat Steppe called ‘Bedankt en merci’ and 'Ik heb je graag gezien'.

2 Songs by Jasper Steverlinck, produced and arranged by Poltrock will be used in the movie 'Groenten uit Balen' by Frank Van Mechelen.  Release scheduled end of 2011.   A third song from the same series will be used as the title track for the animated movie 'The Chrystal Skull'.

Check out some of the instrumental demos of yet to be released material. If you’re looking for songs, soundtracks, soundscapes, a cosy cowrite or the recipe for my delicious ‘Spaghetti al Ragù’, just get in touch with Margret for Hillsuite 7 management.


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