I'll narrow down all uninteresting stories about my youth to the fact that my first encounter with a real lama was at the age of 9.   Life's never been the same since. 

My musical career, however, took off in 1999 when I joined Belgium’s finest band Hooverphonic to play keyboards on an extensive series of American and European tours.

My good looks (yep! watch the pics!) and vast collection of Single Malt whiskeys quickly made me an esteemed player in Belgian live and session scene, resulting in tours with a wide variety of well-respected Belgian and international artists such as Arid,
Monza and De Mens.  Live performance and recording duties include jobs with Marie Daulne (Zap Mama), Jane Birkin, Triggerfinger, The Blackbox Revelation, Selah Sue, Vincent Liben, Tom Robinson etc.

After I got really drunk after a Shellac gig I decided I wanted to become the best producer in the world.  So I took on a couple of mainstream as well as indie producing jobs in order to become very, very, very rich. Some of the resulting tracks (check the 'Producer' page) strangely received huge radio airplay and charted. And I would indeed have made an awful lot of money if I hadn’t spent it all on tons of vintage keyboards and a Nigerian banker with a suspiciously German accent.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that I’m a songwriter and soundtrack writer as well with most beautiful tracks featured on various Belgian and international releases. Feel free to listen to some of my recent productions or to click on some of the links.  

If not, you can always check out some great saves by our national goalkeeper or take a look at some great pictures of food.


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