I'm extremely proud to announce that I'll be releasing an instrumental album in 2017.  The album is basically ready but I'll need some more time to get the artwork right and find the right team.    

The album will feature minimal ambient tracks as well as exciting danceable instrumentals all composed on my collection of acoustic and electromechanical pianos and combined with cleverly sequenced modular synth lines and soundscapes.  I'm pretty excited and will keep you posted on this site and shortly on social media as well.  Thumbs up!



Very, very proud about this one : the brand new RAZEN vinyl with 4 mesmerizing Live-improvisations straight out of the Palladium. Featuring Monochord, Bagpipes, Shawm, Tenor Recorder, Ondes Martenot, Modular synths, an Autobot sequencer and lots of Ristretto. Please mind the extraordinary artwork by Bryan Lewis Saunders. Razen 'Endrhymes' is released by Kraak.​

German poetry :

Gold Award verliehen an David Poltrock für mehr als 100.000 in Deutschland verkaufte Alben.  
Prinz Pi - Kompass Ohne Norden.


Watch out for 'Safety First' - The movie. One of the most anticipated Belgian movies this fall.  I teamed up with long time buddy Mario Goossens to write and produce the soundtrack and a full album for this movie.   

For those raving about eighties nostagia : we salute you!

Check out the first single here!


Former Mudflow singer Vincent Liben just released a truly beautiful follower up to his highly acclaimed debut album.

The album is called ‘Animalé’ and features a couple of lovingly crafted Poltrock-made string arrangements. In fact, the Liben Sessions were the first ever recordings in the newly designed Poltrock Palladium! What’s more : I’m credited as a cello player on one of the tracks, I kid you not!!

Please check out the amazing ‘The Long answer is no’, follower-up to the equally beautiful debut album by Douglas Firs. Farfisa & Hammond organs recorded @ Poltrock Palladium and performed by yours truly. Approved by Noel Gallagher!!

Let me present you Manoeuvres’ new single ‘My Love’.  Entirely recorded & produced @ The Poltrock Palladium, mixed by Ward Neirynck @ Bamboomix and featuring the amazing Simon Casier and Geoffrey Burton.  

The debut album is due for the end of 2015.

I’ve had the tremendous honour to be asked to join one of Belgium’s most energetic and horny live bands De Mens as a full time member!  

We just released the highly acclaimed album ‘Nooit Genoeg’ (the band’s first ever vinyl release) that features 2 radio hits so far. The album was recorded & mixed by Bert ‘Bekke’ Van Roy @ Turtle Sound.
Keyboard and vocal overdubs by magic backing combo Gregory Frateur & Tijs Delbeke @ The Poltrock Palladium.

After a 5 year sabbatical, singer-songwriter Tom Helsen, writer of hitsingles, released a new album : ‘Unbreakable’. Unlike his previous three albums, this one wasn’t Poltrock-produced. This burdensome task was conscientiously fulfilled by Koen Renders.

Most of the keyboard-overdubs and some of the arrangements took place @ Poltrock Palladium though.  

Oh, did I tell you The Poltrock Palladium has its very own Facebook page?  No?

"The Poltrock Palladium has its very own Facebook page!"  Yessir!

Why does a guy with a moustache has his picture taken in front of a nice Harrisson desk?  Charity!  (How do you like my new look by the way?)

I was asked by Belgian National Television (VRT) to produce a song for the annual national campaign against cancer (KOM OP TEGEN KANKER).  I had some excellent material to work on since they offered me to tackle the song ‘Iedereen is van de Wereld’ by the legendary Dutch combo The Scene, whose singer Thé Lau is sadly suffering from a lethal pulmonary cancer as we speak.  We had  40-ish singers and bands teaming up at the VRT’s own Toots studio’s while the editing (quite a task actually) was done @ the Palladium.  Want some names?  

Thé Lau, Will Tura, Hooverphonic, Helmut Lotti, Milow, Triggerfinger, Yevgueni,  K’s Choice, School is cool, The Scabs, Tom Helsen, Steven De Bruyn, Slongs Dievanongs, Clouseau, Soulsister, Bart Peeters, Zornik, Christoff, The Romeo’s, Natalia, 2 Fabiola and many, many, many more.  Impressive line-up, eh?

Check out the result here or buy the stereo version of the track on iTunes!   And please feel free to make a donation while you’re at it. 


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